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Child sponsorship

With an accompanying sponsorship, one or more children will be assigned to you in consultation. You decide how many there should be. An accompanying sponsorship, lives from a monthly donation amount, which you can determine yourself. From 30€ it becomes reasonable and we can organize the most important things. Your sponsored child will go to school, get the best education, get daily lunch at school and a monthly food package for home. Individual necessities, such as robes, shoes, medical supplies, insurance, beds, mattresses, blankets, etc. will be organized with you, in consultation, if it is needed and wants to be organized by you. Communication and transparency, stands with us, with all sides (families and also the godparents) in the foreground! It is also important to us that you build a relationship with your godchild(ren). The godchild should know who you are and in the best case get to know you through letters, videos, phone calls or even visits 🙂.

You are not only to pay into the void, but above all to participate in it intensively. That would be our wish.

So far, we have been able to sponsor 97 children.
Thank you very much!

Family sponsorship

To support a family or child in a meaningful way, we advise accompanying monthly donations.
In this case, we can continuously try, through many conversations and communication with the families, to help monthly where the help is really needed and used wisely.

Hand in hand, we can create job opportunities, send the children to school and provide enough food.

The family should get better step by step in order to be able to stand on its own two legs at some point.

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