The Malaika Project

Our mission

Through education, communication, nutrition and love for people, we want to create a change in Kiptingo. The Malaika project is intended to be a beacon of hope and light in a region where many things are lacking.

Since 2021

Malaika means 'angel' in Kiswahili.

We are a Kenyan-Austrian family of six, consisting of Edwin (born,raised in Kiptingo), Anja (born and raised in Klagenfurt/Austria), Joy, Tayo, Yari and Sanny. A family we are since 2010 and the Malaika project we started in 2021 to help our community in Kiptingo and give the children there a better future. We know each child in Kiptingo personally, take time to talk to the godparents and try to spread joy and happiness on both sides, because…

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Anja Prieler-Kemboi

Co-Founder, Management, in Kenya since 2011
'It's time to give back to these people who so lovingly welcomed me into their midst eleven years ago!'

Edwin Kemboi

Co-Founder, organization, planning, talks
Born and raised in Kiptingo/Kenya, the oldest of 9 siblings. 'Helping my community, means a lot to me!'

Amos Kimeli

Videos, interview, helping hand, organization


Lucky charm


Idea provider


Little helpers



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