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For € 30,-/month you provide a child with the most important things for life.

Become a Malaika and give a future!

We believe that together we can achieve great things.
In addition to individual projects, you can sponsor children, send them to school, provide families with monthly food packages, blankets and mattresses, or give a child a birthday cake.


From € 30,-/month you can become a sponsor and give a child a future.


Make education possible for a child! With your donation you can send a child to school.


Save a life with food parcels or job opportunities.

The organization

Together we bring Hope & Light to the village of Kiptingo in Kenya.

As an organization, we want to empower every child in Kiptingo through education. Accompanying sponsorships, daily lunch at school, monthly food packages and job opportunities for parents are also among our priorities.

Thanks to your donations, children can go to school and people have been given a future.

Food packages
Help us grow

Tell your friends and acquaintances about us. Only together can we grow.

Current project

The construction of the House of Hope.


At the half marathon “Kärnten läuft” from
Velden to Klagenfurt, Anja Prieler and Edwin Kemboi met in 2010.


For us, brushing our teeth is routine. For the children in Kiptingo, brushing their teeth was previously a foreign word. The Malaika Project is determined to start with the smallest things for us to make a lasting difference in the Kenyan village.


With the fruit day, which will take place every week from now on, the children receive important vitamins and at the same time local fruit farmers from the region are supported by the purchase of fruit.

Our progress
What we've accomplished so far with your donation....
Children brought back to school
daily school lunches organized
Family health insurance
Family sponsorships completed
Our sponsors and partners
For a better world

Become a Malaika and give a future!

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